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Your property is our priority

With Proper AI’s advanced property management accounting, you’re the priority.

Experience a new era of efficiency, reliability, and precision for your property bookkeeping.

What You Get

Enhance your margins. Cut your costs.

Save 50% over an in-house accounting team.

Scalable solutions that grow with you.

No need to hire and train new staff when growing.

Reclaim your time.

Save an average 25 hours monthly.

Software specialists that save you time and find hidden profit.

Our Services

Process standardization is the cornerstone of our approach. Between our AI and our specialists, we meticulously define, document, and optimize financial workflows for uniformity and reliability. Proper AI doesn’t just handle the books; we redefine bookkeeping.

We ensure prompt, correct recording and classification of all your payables. Then, before giving you the green light to release payments, we’ll verify funds are available across all your properties.

From applicant fees to tenant receipts, and move in and move out accounting, we understand the need for excellence in bookkeeping for property management companies. You can rest easy knowing we’ll enter all receipts and keep your ledgers up to date.

Security deposit hiccups? Bank transfer confusion? Worry not! Our accountants are well versed in property management bookkeeping, and will review your entire portfolio to ensure reconciliation reports are up-to-date and cash balances cover liabilities.

Say goodbye to late nights pouring over bank reconciliations! Your team at Proper will save you hours every month and make sure your bank reconciliations are handled in a timely manner.

We know the importance of owner relationships and reporting. We’ll help you deliver easy-to-review documentation free of inconsistencies, anomalies, or irregular account transactions.

We handle auditing for move-ins including review of new tenant page information (we do not populate). For move-outs, we process security deposit charges and refunds for tenants. If we detect any issues, we will let you know what needs to be corrected and communicated.

Proper streamlines bookkeeping and is more valuable than hiring a physical bookkeeper."

Phil Kang,
Velocity Property Management

Whether you manage 350 or 50k+ residential doors, 150k commercial SQFT or more:

A dedicated accounting team that knows your software, including our expertise in Yardi and AppFolio.

Scalable services facilitating growth without the need for additional staff.

Assurance and peace of mind, knowing your books are in the hands of pros who understand your systems.

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